Star Trek: TNG; The Dauphin (on the feeling of love)

I have seen this episode before, however, last night (1-2am, July 31, 2001), an exchange between Wesley and Guinan just seemed to make that much more sense and felt more powerful to me.

I thought I would put this quote up since I think it is very important and meaningful. (this episode first aired 122388).

I "borrowed" this quote from here.

WESLEY: Seeing her on the transporter pad was like seeing pure light.

        (he pauses)

        I miss her. I feel so empty.

GUINAN: I know that sensation.

WESLEY: I'm never going to feel this way about anyone else.

GUINAN: You're right.

        (Wesley looks up.)

WESLEY: I didn't expect you to say that.

GUINAN: Oh, there will be others -- but, the next time you feel love will
        be different. Each time is different.

WESLEY: Knowing that doesn't make it any easier.

GUINAN: It isn't supposed to.  

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